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Civil/Administrative Courts

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Hope Counseling Centers has provided evaluations for over 20 years for the Division of Disability Determinations of Social Security.

The referrals are received from the Social Security offices in Florida.

Claimants are contacted by their social security adjudicator, as well as Hope Counseling Center offices, about the appointment time and requirements.

Social Security evaluations include a clinical interview and mental status exam. The claimant may be further evaluated with psychological assessments of intelligence, achievement, memory, personality, or adaptive functioning.

In some cases, an administrative law judge directs the Social Security office to obtain an assessment of the person’s functional capacity to perform various daily tasks related to their capacity to hold employment.

These functional capacity assessments are returned to the administrative law judge to assist in the decision regarding the disability case.

Independent psychological evaluations may be requested by a private law firm, employer, or a defendant in a civil litigation involving questions regarding the capacity for work when a mental, emotional, or intellectual impairment is present.

At Hope Counseling, our psychologists have performed these types of independent medical evaluations (IME) as well.

Since evaluations are accepted on a case-by-case basis, please call our office for a consultation regarding fees and appointment availability.

For more information about civil and administrative evaluations, please contact Hope Counseling at our Lakeland location, (863) 709-8110 or email – today!