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Depression, ADHD, Bipolar & Anxiety Education & Information

For those struggling with psychological or emotional disorders, patterns of destructive behavior or family or interpersonal conflicts, understanding the causes and symptoms of these situations is the first step towards resolving or treating them.  This is paramount for the individual as well as their family members and peers who support them, so they may all better understand the situation and how to constructively move past it.  Hope Counseling offers depression, ADHD, bipolar and anxiety education and information in Lakeland, FL to help both children and adults recognize symptoms and designate strategies to overcome these obstacles.

Chronic disorders such as depression, acute anxiety, bipolar disorder and ADHD are remarkable common, yet extraordinarily misunderstood.  Some recognize the symptoms of these disorders early on in their childhood, or parents or teachers noticed symptoms, while other conditions may not appear or be recognized under adolescence or adulthood.

If you are concerned that you, your child or another family member may be exhibiting signs of these disorders, learning more about them can help you accurately discern symptoms and seek appropriate assistance.  Learn more about these disorders in the information below or call Hope Counseling to schedule an assessment from a mental health professional.

  • Depression Education & Information:

  • Anxiety Education & Information:

  • Adjustment Disorder Education & Information:

  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity (ADHD) Education & Information:

  • Bipolar Disorder Education & Information: