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Scared to see a counselor?

Being scared to seek counseling is really common. After all, we’ve been taught that we should solve our own problems! Sometimes overcoming the realization that we need help isn’t an easy thing to do. Even if whatever your challenge is isn’t serious, admitting that we can’t fix the situation ourselves is difficult. Maybe you know… Read more »

Extreme Coupon Shopping Causes Extreme Stress

A Few Thoughts on  on “Extreme” Coupon Shopping You have seen the shows and heard all the stories, people spending mere pennies for items you pay full price for. So why not try it yourself? Well you can, but make sure you are cautious and always keep your emotional and mental state in check. Yes,… Read more »

Tips to handle Holiday Stress

The holiday season is supposed to be one of the least stressful times of the year. You’re surrounded with family and friends, there’s great food to be had, and you receive gifts! What’s wrong with that?! But for a lot of people this time of year isn’t so candy cane red and rosy. There’s deciding… Read more »