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Extreme Coupon Shopping Causes Extreme Stress

A Few Thoughts on  on “Extreme” Coupon Shopping

You have seen the shows and heard all the stories, people spending mere pennies for items you pay full price for. So why not try it yourself? Well you can, but make sure you are cautious and always keep your emotional and mental state in check. Yes, you might be saving hundreds of dollars every week, but you can’t concentrate or relax because you are trying to think of the next big deal, or you are planning and plotting how to get more coupons. It is an addicting habit and it can get out of control. When left without limitations, extreme couponing can be just as dangerous to your health as smoking or depression.

Couponing can take over your life and cause stress and anxiety you do not need or want. Is it worth it to buy that butter for 25 cents when you end up having a breakdown? Your physical and mental health should be priority over everything else!

Plus, the consistent exposure to disappointment isn’t good for you either. Maybe you go into a store with coupons in hand ready to score the best deal of the day, but then the item is sold out! So you scramble to the customer service desk and request they call another store to see if they have the items. They call a couple of stores before finding one that has what you’re looking for, GREAT! That store happens to be 20 miles away, but you don’t care you are so wrapped up in the fact that you are going to save a lot of money. So, you get into your car and speed as fast as you can because you don’t want anyone else to buy the item, even though they have already saved it at the service desk for you. In the process of speeding to the next store you’re pulled over and get a ticket, but you are so concerned about getting to the next store you just throw it in your purse and continue to the store. It doesn’t matter to you that you cut off five senior citizens; they were in your way.

Is a speeding ticket, your safety, and gas money it took to get to the second store worth it? Yes, it is great to save money but it shouldn’t be the only reason you coupon. You do not need to stock up on 40 tubes of toothpaste; they will expire before you can use them! Do yourself a favor and step out of the situation you have built for yourself and take a look. Does this look like something that could be mental or physically harming you? If you think yes, then you need to do something to change it. Cut back on the amount of time you spend couponing or even take a few weeks off and see how you feel.

For the first week you may feel antsy and like you need to be out there saving. But after that you will see what it is like to be much less stressed, and all of that built up stress was something you had the power to change all along.