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How to Identify Learning Disabilities in Children

Learning disabilities in children often go unnoticed. Many people, including parents and teachers, can miss a few signs, as they are often masked under what most consider “poor behavior.” Adults expect a certain level of attention and success from a child based on their peers, and when a child does not perform up-to-par, people often… Read more »

Mental Illness and Creativity: Is There a Connection?

A great many creative people – artists, poets, musicians, even philosophers – have been thought to be mad since ancient times. Some cultures honored their eccentrics, the “different” ones, but others often had them put in asylums or even executed as witches. Obviously times have changed since then and society has become much more open… Read more »

Rethinking Mental Illness

  All throughout history, individuals with mental illnesses have been marginalized, if not brutalized and shunned. In ancient times, the mentally ill were often seen as possessed by demons, or in league with the devil, and as a result, were put to death. It is a sad commentary on world perception, that the mentally ill… Read more »