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Welcome to the History page of Hope Counseling Centers. Here you will find detailed information about our company history.

Founded in 1994, Hope Counseling Centers has been focused on providing top-quality mental health services to a variety of populations and referral sources across the state of Florida. Initially, Hope Counseling Centers began as a consultation company with the purpose of enabling hospitals, churches, and health care organizations to provide faith-based services. Hope Counseling Centers offered inpatient and outpatient treatment, church-sponsored counseling, management consultation, and services through Employee Assistance Programs and Drug-Free Workplace programs. Hope Counseling Centers expanded soon after, opening an outpatient clinic in Winter Haven that offered Christian counseling to various churches and non-profit organizations.

In 1998, Hope Counseling Centers once again expanded, this time into the forensic field, and began providing disability determination assessments for the state of Florida. By 2001, Hope Counseling Centers had established three locations in Florida: Winter Haven, Sebring, and Umatilla. After relocating the Winter Haven office in 2004, Hope Counseling Centers also opened an office in the Lakeland area, providing counseling services and psychological assessment services to a variety of referral sources, including private clients, Employee Assistance Programs, the Florida Department of Health Division of Disability Determinations, and the Florida Department of Education Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. Soon after, the Lakeland location became the primary site for counseling and psychological testing.

Currently, Hope Counseling Centers operates primarily from the Lakeland office, with secondary locations in Winter Haven, Tampa, and Daytona Beach. Overall, Hope Counseling Centers has over a dozen offices across Florida that provide a variety of counseling and psychological testing services. With over two dozen highly-trained and experienced staff, including licensed psychologists and a diverse group of mental health care professionals, Hope Counseling Centers is dedicated to providing compassionate and comprehensive assessment and treatment to our clients.

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