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Group therapy session

Hope Counseling provides a wide range of counseling services and psychological assessments for individuals, families, adults, children, businesses and organizations.  We offer group therapy for addiction treatment, anger management therapy, developmental counseling, ADHD testing, couples therapy, marriage counseling service and much more in Lakeland, FL.  Our central office in Lakeland provides counseling services and therapy to treat a varying array of disorders as well as family conflicts and behavioral patterns while our three sister locations also provide numerous resources from qualified professionals.  Our ten satellite offices are locally distributed across the state to provide convenient, easily accessible support for those in need.  Each of our locations is supported by a dedicated, experienced staff of psychologists, mental health counselors, licensed clinical social workers and psychology residents who make each visitor feel welcome and appreciated.  We work to cultivate an atmosphere of positivity and forward progress while making each person feel safe and appreciated, whatever the reason of their visit.  Each of our mental health professionals specializes in distinct areas of psychological, emotional and behavioral support to give each adult or child the attention and professional guidance that they depend on.  With quantifiable assessments and proven effective counseling techniques and treatment strategies, each individual and group receives care that is specially suited to their situation and needs.

For couples and families struggling with interpersonal conflicts, difficulties in communication, marital discord, differences in parenting strategies and other obstacles, Hope Counseling’s couple’s counselors, family therapists and child psychologists are available to help.  You may be considering the next step with your long-time partner and struggling with hesitation or doubt, or you may be working through patterns, routines or upheaval in your marriage.  There are many troubling events that can cause distress in a partnership, regardless of how long you have been together.  Sometimes, the event is sudden and upsetting, while other times it is simply a reoccurring routine that you cannot break by yourselves.  Difficulties in parenting can also arise, compounding troubles for children with learning disabilities, attention deficient disorders or other conditions.  Parents may feel helpless to understand their child as he or she struggles with a disorder, or they may feel they are losing touch with their child during adolescence or through other difficult events.  Death, addiction, separation, abuse, troubles in school, bullying, the loss of a job and many other events can disrupt an otherwise happy situation and lead to other disagreements or battles.  Our counselors provide compassionate, professional and age-appropriate care for all family members, helping each person through the situation at their own pace with strategies that work best for them.

Individual or group treatment options are also available for those battling a psychological, emotional or behavioral disorder.  This may include a chronic, reoccurring condition such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or ADHD, or it may include substance abuse or addiction, difficulties managing anger, coping with a loss or traumatic event, or other events or obstacles.  Some may prefer the support and solidarity of group therapy, while others may work better one-on-one with a psychologist.  Group therapy creates a caring and encouraging environment where individuals can vent their frustrations or difficulties to those that relate to their struggle, and receive guidance and strength from the group.  Individual support provides specific, ongoing treatment methods and strategies for coping with a disorder or life event within the safety and security of a one-on-one session.  Both are effective treatment modalities for a variety of conditions, with options available for both adults and children.

Hope Counseling also offers quantifiable, certified assessments to evaluate certain disorders as well as intelligence tests, personality tests, ADHD evaluation tests, achievement tests and others.  These serve many different purposes within organizations, from defining an employee’s role within a company to creating an appropriate learning program for a student in school.  These assessments can help to create a framework for future developments within an organization or they may help to evaluate a single individual.

If you or a loved one is struggling with a mood disorder, a traumatic event, loss, learning disability, familial conflict or another obstacle, find the support and guidance to overcome these frustrations and find enjoyment in life again.  Learn more online about our counseling services in Lakeland, FL across Florida or call a central or local office to receive assistance from a helpful professional.  Take a look at the resource available online target symptoms of a psychological, emotional or behavioral disorder and learn more about treatment.  Arrange an appointment for yourself, with your spouse, your family or make an appointment for a child and learn about constructive techniques to overcome obstacles in your lives and strengthen your relationships.

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