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Signs Your Family Could Benefit from Counseling

All families have conflict; it’s a part of being a group of people with individual personalities, goals, and needs. However, when conflicts become too large to resolve and manifest into dysfunction within the family unit, you may benefit from some outside help. Here are a few signs you may want to consider family counseling!  … Read more »

How to Identify Learning Disabilities in Children

Learning disabilities in children often go unnoticed. Many people, including parents and teachers, can miss a few signs, as they are often masked under what most consider “poor behavior.” Adults expect a certain level of attention and success from a child based on their peers, and when a child does not perform up-to-par, people often… Read more »

How Social Media Can Affect Mental Health

Social media exploded in popularity in the 2010s and has become part of the fabric of American life since. By some estimates, nearly 75% of all Americans and more than 90% of people under 30 use it. In 2020, Americans spent an average of nearly four hours per day using social media. This rapid lifestyle change has come with… Read more »

Common Misconceptions About Marriage Counseling

Hearing the term “marriage counseling” tends to make people feel on edge or defensive. If your partner comes to you and suggests you both should attend counseling, it can make you feel like a failure or incompetent. These feelings are caused by the stigma that marriage counseling is only for broken couples heading for divorce,… Read more »

Signs and Symptoms of ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that occurs in children, teens, and adults. A person may display a range of symptoms with ADHD, and not everyone expresses them in the same way. Although ADHD is usually diagnosed during childhood, with the average age for diagnosis being seven years old, ADHD isn’t a children’s condition that… Read more »

3 Reasons Everyone (Even Happy People) Should Go to Therapy

Most people these days would agree that therapy is a useful treatment for anyone who has a major problem. If your friend was struggling with depression, an anxiety disorder, or PTSD, for example, you would likely encourage them to talk to a therapist. But for many, the idea of going to therapy yourself doesn’t occur… Read more »

Why Choose Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

There are many different kinds of “talk therapy”, and choosing the best one is sometimes trial and error. So it is good to do your research so that you know what questions to ask a potential therapist, and can better decide if he or she is right for you.   Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has… Read more »

How to Deal with A Breakup and Become A Better Person

  No one likes to go through broken hearts. But it’s absolutely guaranteed that a broken heart is a part of everyone’s story. Whether it was the girl in third grade, or your first love, or even a divorce, break ups are never easy to cope with. According to social psychologists, there are five stages… Read more »

The Process of Loss

  Loss is a part of life and we all will experience many losses as we navigate our journeys. Loss comes in many guises; it is not only the death of a loved one. Loss can be the dissolution of an important relationship, having to move from a beloved family home, losing a part of… Read more »

A Psychiatrist Against Psychiatry?

Thomas Szaz’s book The Myth Of Mental Illness, published in 1961, was a spearhead for the “Antipsychiatry” movement and created a coalition whose voice is still loud today.   Essentially the antipsychiatry movement believed that psychiatry was being used to control, label and stigmatize people who exhibited what society might call “deviant” behavior, but were… Read more »