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1 percent of Florida residents suffer from the wintertime blues

You may not think of winter depression hitting hard in Florida, but a some studies have shed some light on this phenomenon, which sprout up around this time of year.

Seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, is known as winter depression or wintertime blues, when people tend to acquire a mood disorder during the winter. It was something that was originally thought of being just a simple mood swing, but studies have shown over one percent of Floridians can suffer from it during the winter season. Clearly, this is something more than just a common mood swing.

This type of occurrence doesn’t necessarily happen because of the cooler temperatures, but due to the days getting shorter. Think about it. Instead of laying on the beach until 8 p.m., people are now in their homes. And even though only around 1 percent of Floridians suffer from this from year-to-year, that’s over 19,000 residents, so it should be taken seriously. There are different type of therapies that can correct or spur SAD from occurring year-to-year, but please consult a doctor or psychologist before you diagnose yourself.  

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