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3 Major Breakdowns on Grey’s Anatomy

Television can teach us a lot about what happens to people in certain situations, particularly the traumatic and difficult ones. While Grey’s Anatomy might not always be medically accurate, it does get one thing right: the psychological breakdowns. We have seen this in 3 major events in the past decade of Grey’s Anatomy.

Meredith’s “Shoot Me Instead” Speech

We all know from her “pick me, choose me” speech that Meredith would take a bullet for Derek. She proved this in season 6. People had been speculating suicidal tendencies in Meredith Grey for years, and this was the final proof they needed. This isn’t her first experience at flirting with death either, hence her college nickname “death”. Meredith offers herself up to the gunman partly because of her love for Derek, but also partly because she’s okay with dying herself. It wasn’t until well after season 8 that we watched Meredith actually fight for her life.

Would she have consistently been chasing death if she had a better childhood? What if Ellis Grey were mother of the year? 

Christina’s Silent Treatment

After the plane crash at the end of season 8, Christina Yang was not herself. We see her being somber, passive, and silent. It was terrifying to see such a lively personality become so bland and empty. Eventually, when she did talk, a part of us wished she had stayed silent. She told Owen of the trauma she experience while staying awake for 4 days, something she might not have been able to do with anyone else. She found comfort in Owen, who worked through his PTSD issues with her in the past.

Would these two have been such a strong couple had they not bonded over traumatic experiences? It’s hard to say.

Arizona’s Cheating

Once “Calzona” said their I Do’s, time stood still for those short few minutes of the episode. We LOVE Calzona; everyone does. There is something magical when they are together, but when they fall apart, we (the viewers) fall apart with them.

Season 9 ended with the  episode “The Perfect Storm”. There could not be a more fitting title out there for this episode, you could describe a relationship that is being destroyed a storm. Callie finds out that Arizona cheated on her with Dr. Lauren Boswell when realizing that Arizona’s wedding ring is pinned inside Lauren’s scrubs. Remember now, this is not the first time that Callie has been cheated on (George, her 1st husband also cheated on her). Callie is the strong fighter that we all know and love, that has so much on her plate that she often pushes things to the side and never deals with the issues head on.

Unfortunately, Arizona’s cheating did not end with Dr. Boswell. She then subsequently has an affair with Leah Murphy, a surgical resident, and tries to hide this affair from Callie as well. After this affair, Callie decides to face this affair head on, unlike in the past, she goes to her dad for advice and learns that he one put her mother in those same shoes that she is wearing and they turned out just fine.

In the end Callie chooses to forgive and forget Arizona’s indiscretions and throw herself into the relationship to make sure that their relationship will work out in the end  They choose to move out of their current apartment, the one that has all the memories of Mark, Arizona lying in bed recovering from the loss of her leg and other bad parts of their life.  As we end season 10 Callie and Arizona are once again in a good place, and we can only hope that season 11 brings back the marital bliss that we all once enjoyed between this couple.

Would Arizona have cheated on Callie had she kept both legs? We’ll never be sure, but it’s doubtful. When Arizona lost a part of her, it changed her. She felt broken, as if her wife is trying to fix her – and then someone else came along and felt attracted to her, as is.