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Myths about counseling

Although the number of people who go to therapy or counseling services are increasing every year, there still remains a stigma about the people who attend therapy and what it is all about. Myths still exist about therapy and those who attend, even though mental health awareness is higher than its ever been.

Maybe you have questions about counseling. Here are some myth about counseling and how they are dispelled.

Counseling is only for major issues – this is not the case. People seek the advice and help from others all the time. People want to know why they are “stuck” or clarify the situation they are in. This doesn’t mean someone is a mental case. Actually, by making the decision to seek a therapist is courageous and can be looked up as an achievement. If the feeling of clarity is what you seek, then counseling can be an answer. 

Your friends can give you the same advice – In some cases your friends provide valuable insight and solutions to your problems, but they may also have biased opinions on what is right for you and them. Also, sometimes when conversing with your friend, it’s a more back and forth conversation — including you listening to their problems. In therapy, the session is devoted to you.

An other important thing to remember, your friends most likely don’t have the training and experience to deal with and offer solutions to very complicated issues.  Therapists are trained to not only diagnose, but treat a plethora of mental health issues.

Seeing a therapist is for rich people – In some cases, insurance can cover the case of some therapy sessions. Each doctor is different though and each will have different fees. Some practices even offer pricing based on income. But no price is too expensive. Is their really a price you can put on your mental health? Or is there a price you can put on your marriage?

It’s unfortunate that myths and stigmas about therapy still exist, but they do. But the more people who are courageous enough to seek answers for their rut, the more and more the myths are dispelled.