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Post Trauma Stress

Psychological traumas resulting in traumatic stress and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can include:

  • Childhood physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, including prolonged or extreme neglect; also, witnessing such abuse inflicted on another child or an adult
  • Experiences and interactions that are experienced as psychological “attacks”; for example a continual perception of psychological force, invalidation or annihilation.
  • Experiencing (including witnessing) an event perceived as life-threatening, such as:
    1. a serious accident
    2. medical complications or serious illness such as cancer
    3. violent physical assault or witnessing such an event, including torture
    4. adult experiences of sexual assault
    5. warfare, policing and other occupations exposed to violence or disaster
    6. violent, life threatening, natural (or man made) disasters
    7. incarceration

Early intervention after a traumatic incident can reduce traumatic effects of an incident, and potentially prevent a full-blown occurrence of PTSD.

Many forms of psychotherapy have been advocated for trauma-related problems such as PTSD. Basic counseling includes education about the condition and provision of safety and support. Cognitive therapy shows good results, and group therapy may be helpful in reducing isolation and social stigma. The psychotherapy programs with the strongest demonstrated efficacy are all cognitive behavioral programs and include variants of exposure therapy, stress inoculation training, variants of cognitive therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, and combinations of these procedures. Exposure involves assisting trauma survivors to therapeutically confront distressing trauma-related memories and reminders in order to facilitate habituation and successful emotional processing of the trauma memory. Most exposure therapy programs include both imagined confrontation with the traumatic memories and real-life exposure to trauma reminders.

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