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Group Counseling

Are you feeling depressed, down, or are you just not feeling like the person who you once were? Come to Hope Counseling of Lakeland, FL and join one of our many group therapy sessions. Here we can help expose whatever issue is causing you emotional trauma in a comfortable and friendly setting.

Therapy can be scary to some, we do understand that certain issues in one’s life can seem embarrassing, and they can be hard to talk about even in a safe environment. With group therapy counseling from Hope Counseling individuals can feel safe interacting with one another, relating on the most personal levels, exposing their problems, and sometimes even joking about the outcome. Feeling as if you are not alone can make a world of difference to someone in a constant emotional struggle; join a group therapy counseling session from Hope Counseling of Lakeland, FL today and stop feeling alone!  

We aim for comfort here at Hope Counseling. We want it to feel like you are sitting down with a group of friends. Come check out why our list of “friends” keeps growing! Our group therapy counseling is available in :






Our caring staff will be more than happy to assist you.