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Individual Counseling

Our individual and personal coaching here at Hope Counseling of Lakeland, FL is second to none. The professional counseling approach used by our highly capable staff is a delicate and personal approach, which develops through building a trusting and confidential relationship with their clients. We want to make you feel more like you are going to see a good friend instead of a therapist.

We feel that in order to run a successful counseling business one must provide an atmosphere in which the person being evaluated feels comfortable without the fear of judgment, disclosure, or disinterest by the counselor. Hope Counseling has been providing counseling services in Florida since 1997. Our therapists are experts in helping individuals dig to the root of their problem, where it can be candidly exposed and dealt with in a safe environment. Once the problem has been exposed, the counselor then can help the client recognize their problems, and assist them in gaining the necessary life and or coping skills, decision making, and problem solving skills needed to carry on as a full functioning member of society. Call Hope Counseling today to schedule your appointment for peace of mind! Hope Counseling has offices in Tampa, Winter Haven, Daytona Beach and Lakeland, FL.


Contact us here, by email at, or by phone at (863) 709-8110 for individual counseling services. We are located in Lakeland Florida.


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