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According to the U.S. Department of Labor, an organization’s philosophy concerning alcohol and drugs sets the tone for its drug-free workplace policy and program. Some organizations focus on detection, apprehension and discharge and apply a strong law enforcement model that treats employees who use drugs as criminals. Other organizations focus on performance and emphasize deterrence and assistance, because they view alcohol and drug use as causing impairment of otherwise capable employees. The most effective drug-free workplace programs strike a balance between these two philosophies. They send a strong clear message and, at the same time, encourage employees to seek assistance if they are struggling with alcohol or drug problems.


The characteristic common to all effective drug-free workplace programs is balance.


Screening and Assessment – the initial screening and assessment phase of implementing a drug-free workplace policy includes the evaluation of the existing employees to identify potential problems. The U.S. Department of Labor has determined that a professional is the best candidate for conducting these screenings.


Treatment and Recovery – as prescribed by the Department of Labor, a balance between detection, assistance and discharge is most effective drug-free workplace policy.


Hope Counseling Center can provide services at all levels to accommodate the policy developed by your business.


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