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There is “good” stress and “bad” stress – eustress and distress. Where stress enhances function (physical or mental, such as through strength training or challenging work) it may be considered eustress. Persistent stress that is not resolved through coping or adaptation is considered distress and may lead a person to look for an escape resulting in anxiety or withdrawal and depression behavior.

The difference between experiences which result in eustress or distress is largely determined by:

  1. the disparity between an experience (real or imagined), and
  2. the personal expectations and resources to cope with the stress

A person living in a fashion consistent with personally-accepted expectations may have no stress even if the conditions might be interpreted as adverse from some outside perspective. For example, rural people may live in comparative poverty, and yet be unstressed if their resources are sufficient to meet their needs and expectations.

If there is chronic disparity between experience and expectations, stress may be relieved by adjustment of expectations to meet the ongoing experiences or conditions.

Over the long term, distress can lead to diminished health or illness; to avoid this, stress must be managed.

“Burnout” is the emotional exhaustion associated with chronic dis-stress leading to a depletion of the body’s resources, emotional and mental fatigue. Burnout can be alleviated or averted through the use of stress management.

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