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Teen Stress

Having survived the “teenage years” of 13 to 19, most adults over the age of 30 would not want to repeat them. They were emotional, frustrating, heartbreaking, embarrassing, and slow to pass. There was always plenty to be stressed about.

But there was more going on than we knew. There were the notable changes in behavior such as mood swings, but there were underlying psychological changes taking place too. The characteristics of adolescents – cognitive, emotional and attitudinal changes take place during this period, which can be a cause of conflict on one hand and positive personality development on the other.

Due to obvious cognitive and physical changes, teenagers start giving more importance to their friends, their peer group, and less to their parents/guardians.

In the search for a unique social identity for themselves, teenagers are frequently found confused between the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and conflict at this developmental stage is normal and not unusual although at this stage of life the individual’s thoughts start taking more of an abstract form and the egocentric thoughts decrease, hence the individual is able to think and reason in a wider perspective.

It should also be noted that adolescence is the stage of a psychological breakthrough in a person’s life when the cognitive development is rapid and the thoughts, ideas and concepts developed at this period of life greatly influence the individual’s future life, playing a major role in character and personality formation.

Sometimes having a person to talk to who has no direct authority can help get the young person past the rough spots and through the teenage years.

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