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Why Talk About The Past

Telling about your past experience is not just a question of ensuring that the record of the past is complete and representative. What also seems to be important is a need to tell. A way in which self-identity is sustained, may draw in new experiences, and relates to other people – good and bad. Our sense of self-identity can be the bases for how we cope with problems and it is acquired through our past experiences.

Sometimes we use our memories of what was to tell ourselves the story of who we are now. Therapists see this telling and narrating as beginning very early in life, often before children acquire proper speech. In this way our memories about ourselves come about through interactions with others, usually our parents. Professional counselors can help you identify issues, and provide tactics after you chose the goals to help you to grow into the person you want to be.

Establishing an identity by remembering events from the past can be an important way of building links and establishing what is shared and common in groups of people as well as among people whose life experience may have been quite isolating or distant from what are seen as ‘normal’ life events.

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