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Common Misconceptions About Marriage Counseling

Married couple working out their problems in marriage counseling

Hearing the term “marriage counseling” tends to make people feel on edge or defensive. If your partner comes to you and suggests you both should attend counseling, it can make you feel like a failure or incompetent. These feelings are caused by the stigma that marriage counseling is only for broken couples heading for divorce, which is far from the truth. Many happy couples attend therapy to keep their marriage healthy and thriving.

Here are a few common misconceptions about marriage counseling that you need to stop believing!

It’s Only for Couples Headed for Divorce

Many people believe that counseling is only for couples at the end of the road and headed for a divorce. This can’t be further from the truth, as couples therapy should be considered whenever the relationship has hit a snag or has plateaued. It shouldn’t only be considered an option for relationships that are about to end.

It Will Fix My Partner

Couple’s therapy is not meant to be a spouse-bashing environment, nor is it a place for someone to bring their spouse in to “fix” them. All sessions are fair and non-judgmental. There are no “sides” to take, neither are there agendas to make one spouse act or behave a certain way. The counselor’s job is to help each partner see the other’s views and understand how to communicate better.

There’s No Point if the Relationship is Over

Just because a relationship is edging towards the end does not mean you cannot benefit from a session of couple’s therapy. When a marriage or relationship ends, both parties may be contentious about the breakup and may have harbored anger and other negative emotions. A counselor can help the couple focus on what matters the most and move forward healthily, whether they choose to stay together or not.

Finding a Good Counselor is Difficult

It’s not that there are no good counselors out there. Sometimes their training may not be suitable to help with your specific needs. Therefore, it is essential to ask about the experiences of a counselor before you begin your couple’s therapy.

When you contact us at Hope Counseling for the first time, we gather relevant information regarding your issues and find the best fit for your mental health needs. Our marriage and family therapy is designed to help almost anyone experiencing interpersonal difficulties within a relationship.

If you believe marriage counseling is what you need right now, feel free to fill out our request information form online or call us at (863)709-8110 to begin your healing journey.