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Why Psychological Assessments Are Important

Our mental health is arguably the most important thing in our lives. When we struggle with a mental health disorder, every part of our life suffers, from our work, relationships with friends and family, physical health, etc. It can be a very isolating and challenging time for an individual, especially if they are unsure what they are suffering from.

About 1 in 4 Americans over 18 get diagnosed with a mental disorder yearly. It is important to accurately diagnose people through psychological assessments so they can get the proper help and treatment they need!

Here are a few reasons why psychological assessments are important and beneficial to those suffering from mental health disorders.

Understand Yourself Better

When you feel like you can’t control your emotions or don’t know why you have unusual thoughts or reactions to things you once had no issues with, life can begin to feel confusing or too much to handle. Psychological assessments can give you a better understanding of yourself and your triggers.

A clinical psychologist will conduct an in-depth interview covering your background, current symptoms you are experiencing, main concerns, and why you are seeking testing. Some psychological evaluations can include a full battery of tests, including intelligence, achievement, and personality testing. Other psychological evaluations may employ simple self-report measures to screen for psychological difficulties such as depression and anxiety.

No matter the reason you are seeking testing, you will leave with a better understanding of yourself which can relieve a lot of pressure and uncertainty.

Get a Diagnosis

A psychologist can diagnose you pretty accurately at the end of a psychological assessment, validating many people who knew that something felt off within themselves.

Receiving a diagnosis for any condition can seem like a negative or worrisome thing, but for someone who has been unknowingly suffering from a psychological disorder that affects their skills, personality, cognitive functioning, or behavior, it can feel like a relief.

Getting a proper diagnosis means you can take the next steps to improve your life.

Receive Beneficial Treatment

Psychological testing allows a person to seek proper treatment for their unique condition. Once the psychologist diagnoses a condition, they can set up a plan for treatment.

Some mental health issues stop negatively impacting a person’s life once they learn how to combat or live with it by utilizing healthy coping skills and receiving support from their loved ones. They may see an improvement in every aspect of their life once they adapt their mindset and behaviors in a way that works best for them.

A great reason to become a clinical psychologist is to be able to help people who are struggling with their mental health and be the reason they get the treatment and help they need.

At Hope Counseling, we provide psychological assessments, including personality tests, intelligence testing, achievement testing, ADHD testing, and more in Lakeland, FL, and surrounding areas. We are currently hiring clinical psychologists to perform psychological assessments on patients and determine a proper diagnosis.

For more information on our services or to inquire about an employment opportunity, contact us at (863)709-8110 or fill out our contact form online.